I Almost Forgot About You by: Terry McMillan


The story was narrated by Dr. Georgia Young, successful ophthalmologist in her 50+ year. The story started on a ltypical Friday night of television shows and pizza, followed by a normal clinic day with an unexpected news. Might be 2 ordinary days for her but what happened on those days made her realize some things thus, letting her make a major shift in her life.  Though in her 50+ year, she is determined to make a life change and won’t let any factor or situation interfere with what’s supposed to be an enlightening journey. Supported by her mom, daughters, friends and coworkers, Georgia is in to explore what more life has to offer. She might also find the ultimate love of her life? Who knows?

From single-life-motherhood-friendship-profession-love-racial aspects-inspirational stuff. It’s an all in one roller coaster ride of life that’s about to unleash before Georgia’s eyes.

My take

Being a millennial who is like only half of the age of Dr. Young, I was moved with the story. I can say that it’s not only people in their mid-life experience this kind of crossroad Now that professionals and married successful people are getting younger and younger, some of us who are on the other side can’t help but wonder, “Why can they be like that?” “Why they can do that?” and “Why am I still here?”. We millennials, also go through this phase. After reading the book I Almost Forgot About You, I realized that life really has its own turning point. Some people get to their destinations really fast, while some need to take some re-routes before reaching theirs. The story feels so normal like I’m reading a diary and that makes it relatable to anyone.

I am definitely recommending this books to all of you who happened to see this post. This is the kind of story that doesn’t go obsolete. It is refreshing enough to be read whenever you feel stuck up in life. It is a perfect season for this story and I know that it will touch more lives in the long run. Thanks Ms. Terry McMillan.


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  1. Kate says:

    Seems like an interesting book and I’m glad that I found this post. I gree that not only people in they mid-life can feel stuck. There is always a pressure of competition, feeling that you need to make it while you are young etc.


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